Monday, August 1, 2011

New Projects That I Am Working On

Ok so after reading a few of my favorite blogs and looking at sewing patterns, I got my sewing mojo back and plan to have many things sewed up before school starts again! I feel like such a cheat because every project that I am thinking about doing, I am plotting to see how I can make it the easiest possible. But, hey, if it still looks good and doesn't fall apart on me, then I am good. So, the first thing I decided to make was what I like to call the Shiny Dress. It's Vogue 1153
Let me tell you, I am so excited to finish this dress, I know its going to look absolutely adorable! I already got started and heres what I have so far:

And now you know why I call it the Shiny Dress. I always saw this fabric at my local store and when I was looking for the right fabric for this pattern, I saw it and knew it would be perfect! I think I've done pretty well so far and I really hope it stays that way but I have a feeling I'll mess it up when I get to the elastic. I would also like to point out my cheat rolled hem at the top ruffle. I have no serger so I looked up how to do one without a serger and came across this beautiful tutorial: it turned out very nicely and a much faster alternative to a narrow hem! I also chose to use a contrasting pink thread...and I totally didnt choose to do that because I had not matching thread!

And heres my lining fabric, this was just leftover from my graduation dress and I thought it went well with this dress. And it was basically all I had :)
    When my local fabric store went out of business and I bought a bunch of fabric on sale, I did not think about getting notions so I cant go any farther wiht this project until I go to a fabric store tomorrow. And it turns out my local fabric store is not out of business yet so we will probably stop there and see if they still have notions and perhaps pick up a little more fabric and a few more patterns. But I still have so many more projects that I need to do so I don't know if I'll be able to get more. So anyways since I couldn't go farther wiht this, I decided to start preparing another project. It is Vogue 1150
Here is my fabric ready to be cut out:

I chose basically the same fabric as what was on the pattern envelope. I usually don't do this especially when it's a boring black but I was inspired by an outfit that Tyra Banks wore on her show that I couldn't find a picture of but she was wearing a very simple grey shift dress but wiht these bright green tights and it was FIERCE! So I really wanted to make this simple black dress and pair it with brightest most "out there" tights (as long as they aren't neon! EW!)
Another thing that happened was my mom was so nice as to frame a painting that my bestest best friend painted for me for our friendaversery and put it over my sewing space! Its a inspiration while I am sewing!
Heres a picture showing off my beautiful friend's beautiful painting! She is so talented! Check out her blog, its linked on the side of my blog.. Adele-Chan!
Until Next Time!

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