Monday, August 1, 2011

New Projects That I Am Working On

Ok so after reading a few of my favorite blogs and looking at sewing patterns, I got my sewing mojo back and plan to have many things sewed up before school starts again! I feel like such a cheat because every project that I am thinking about doing, I am plotting to see how I can make it the easiest possible. But, hey, if it still looks good and doesn't fall apart on me, then I am good. So, the first thing I decided to make was what I like to call the Shiny Dress. It's Vogue 1153
Let me tell you, I am so excited to finish this dress, I know its going to look absolutely adorable! I already got started and heres what I have so far:

And now you know why I call it the Shiny Dress. I always saw this fabric at my local store and when I was looking for the right fabric for this pattern, I saw it and knew it would be perfect! I think I've done pretty well so far and I really hope it stays that way but I have a feeling I'll mess it up when I get to the elastic. I would also like to point out my cheat rolled hem at the top ruffle. I have no serger so I looked up how to do one without a serger and came across this beautiful tutorial: it turned out very nicely and a much faster alternative to a narrow hem! I also chose to use a contrasting pink thread...and I totally didnt choose to do that because I had not matching thread!

And heres my lining fabric, this was just leftover from my graduation dress and I thought it went well with this dress. And it was basically all I had :)
    When my local fabric store went out of business and I bought a bunch of fabric on sale, I did not think about getting notions so I cant go any farther wiht this project until I go to a fabric store tomorrow. And it turns out my local fabric store is not out of business yet so we will probably stop there and see if they still have notions and perhaps pick up a little more fabric and a few more patterns. But I still have so many more projects that I need to do so I don't know if I'll be able to get more. So anyways since I couldn't go farther wiht this, I decided to start preparing another project. It is Vogue 1150
Here is my fabric ready to be cut out:

I chose basically the same fabric as what was on the pattern envelope. I usually don't do this especially when it's a boring black but I was inspired by an outfit that Tyra Banks wore on her show that I couldn't find a picture of but she was wearing a very simple grey shift dress but wiht these bright green tights and it was FIERCE! So I really wanted to make this simple black dress and pair it with brightest most "out there" tights (as long as they aren't neon! EW!)
Another thing that happened was my mom was so nice as to frame a painting that my bestest best friend painted for me for our friendaversery and put it over my sewing space! Its a inspiration while I am sewing!
Heres a picture showing off my beautiful friend's beautiful painting! She is so talented! Check out her blog, its linked on the side of my blog.. Adele-Chan!
Until Next Time!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Unnamed dress done!....a long time ago! And Updates!

So, I haven't updated in an insanely long time but, my last post was showing me in the process of making the purple wrap dress for  my mother, I finished it a while ago, ahead of schedule actually! So here are the pictures of the finished product!

I think it turned out very well, one thing I was disappointed about was the facing, I ironed and ironed and tacked and tacked but I couldn't get it to be exactly how I wanted it. On the plus side, I did really enjoy using the double fold bias tape. I am proud to say I now know how to use it!

Okay, now for updates. I haven't posted in a very long time and since then I have completed a few projects.
After my East Coast trip, I was asked by my dads boss to make a baby bed with bumpers and a comforter. I had made nothing of this sort so I was very nervous going about making this! It actually turned out pretty good in the end though. The customer was happy and I got paid some big bucks! (which was very nice because I am saving up for a Burberry jacket! Ohhhhh *dreaming away!*) I am sorry to say though that I wasn't able to get pictures of  it before I sent it away! I do believe some pictures of it were taken though so if I ever come across them, they will be posted. It really did look good though, the customer gave me complete creative freedom! It was for a little girl so I got several fabrics, the main color scheme was pink and orange with touches of blues and greens. I think I coordinated everything very well and can't wait til my next paid sewing project!
After that, I sewed my 8th grade promotion dress!!! It looked great! It ended up just a tad small but the fabric, I LOVED the fabric. I am a girl who likes to stand out in her fashion choices and this fabric was amazing, it was red and itchy but shiny all over!! Once again, I have no pictures but I know some were taken and when I come across them, they will be posted.
I am sad to report that that was the last thing I sewed. It is really depressing. It's summer and I planned to sew a bunch of things, to prepare to next school year and stuff but I have been in a rut lately, not wanting to sew anything at all. We even boughta bunch of fabric from our local store that was closing down and having big sales! But, I am going to have to get over that in the next few days because school starts soon and I need to be sewing my butt off! I started sewing a summer skirt for my mom and I've been working on that for over a month! (sad, really!) and this skirt looks so bad! It was looking okay until I tried to sew the waistband on. Waistbands are another downfall of mine.It really looked so bad. I can't get over it. I think when I get really bored of a project, I start just trying to finish it quickly and lacking quality. Quality not quantity!! So my mom told me to just set that project aside and start working on school stuff for myself. But that first requires to cut out the fabric....well, I better get started. I think I am going to try to start with a dress...with no hem or waistband or anything that might be remotely difficult...hehe...gotta get out of this rut!

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Dress in the Making!

This last weekend I have started working on my new dress for my mother! I have yet to name it. I am consitering Purple Ruffle Dress or Purple Wrap Dress. You decide!

I am making McCalls 6024 View B (That is the purple one on the pattern envelope.

I have already cut out the fabric and put part of the bodice together

I was quite angry when I found out that this pattern had 8 darts! (But overjoyed when I learned it didn't need a hem!) I finished the bodice ones with no hassle though! I was very surprised. Perhaps on my houndstooth dress, I was just having a bad day. By the way, the R's on the boobs are just to let me know which side is the right side of the fabric :)

Close-ups of the fantastic hassle free darts!

I started working on the ruffle that goes around the neck and I have to encase it in double fold bias tape which I am a little nervous about because I dont know exactly how to use it, I have only used single fold bias tape. I plan on looking up some tutorials online to make sure I get it right.

So, tell me what you think the name of this dress should be!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Houndstooth Dress - Finally Finished

YESS!!!! The dress that I have been working on for well over  month is finally done. The pressure of having to get it finished and another dress before April definently helped me speed up. I did have a few issues in the process but it surprisingly WAS NOT the hem, it was the zipper. The first time I put it in, it was a complete and utter mess. One side was longer than the other and it went all crooked and basically, I had a sewing melt-down. I set it down and worked on it the next day. And the second try turned out a billion times better than the first.

     Sorry I havent blogged in forever but now you know what I have been working on!

It's such a relief to have this dress done. The relief won't last long though because my next dress project will be started very quickly. Then after my trip, I have to make another dress for my graduation. I swear, I never get a break. :P

So, back to the process of dressmaking. The bodice as I have mentioned before took me forever because of the darts and everything but the skirt was very easy. You already know what happened with the zipper. The hem was actually pretty good besides the fact that I ended up having to hem the lining twice because the first time I hemmed the shell 2" then the lining 1". Totally didn't think that one through, haha. There was a large chunk of pink lining at the bottom which I would've been okay with if the right side of the lining was on the outside. However I wanted the softness and prettyness of the lining on the inside. So I had to hem it again.
The back hemming ended up being about an inch shorter than the front of the dress but to be perfectly honest I was so done with this dress there was no way I was going to fix it.

Another issue I had was when I was done the neckline ended up being way too large. It was practically falling off my shoulders. I don't know if you can see it in the picture above but I added some shoulder darts (yes, DARTS! Thankfully these ones were SOO much easier)

   Thats pretty much it for this dress. I really like the final outcome of this dress. The fabric is really as great as I had originally invisioned it.

    My parting shot: (it twirls very well :))

PS: I am obsessed with Avril Lavigne's new album, Goodbye Lullaby. Everyone should go buy it!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Houndstooth Dress - Moving On

Today I finally got the bodice on my houndstooth dress ALMOST done. I really should have pushed my self and finished the whole bodice but I was tired and I gave in to my laziness. I understitched the bodice and it doesnt say in the instructions but I think I need to stitch around the neckline. When I finish the bodice I'll just need to put the skirt together, attacth it to the bodice, put in the zipper and hem it. Seems like a lot but thats just because I am lazy. I wanted to finish before the end of this month but I dont see that happening. Hopefully before I go out of town on the 11th! I will post pictures soon! (I still need to post pictures of the BJ stuff too don't I? crap. I am behind this month.)

January 25 was my veganaversay (great word right?) so I went to this vegan restaurant and OMJ the food there was SO amazing! It was all vegan and organic. It felt very heathy but also tasted amazing! It was a bit expensive but I definently want to go back ASAP!

How has your guys' month been? overwhelming like mine?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good News/Bad News

Bad News: The Betsey Johnson store in my town is closing down! I was so completely upset when I pulled up to the store and saw a big sign that said "STORE  CLOSING"

Good News: Becasue of the store closing the clothing is 80% off and the  purses are 50% off! So needless to say I got a few new BJ things :D Perhaps I'll upload photos later...

Bad News: I am moving so slowly with my dress. I finally finished the bodice lining today and I tried to start working on the shell lining but with this fabric the markings for the darts are so hard to see and I am getting so frustrated. If I can only get past the bodice then I think I can move a lot faster with the skirt. I was also consitering adding a layer of tulle in the skirt because I like really poofy skirts but I have no experience with tulle...anyone have any advice?

Good News: On Tuesday, it will be a complete year of me being a vegan! I don't think I have brought this up before but I am a vegan (for those of you that dont know what that is, it's a way of eating similar to vegetarianism but not only do I not eat meat but I also don't eat milk or eggs or anything from animals) For my celebration I plan on going to a vegan resturant for dinner and hand out vegan cookies to my class I am super excited!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My first client job!

Okay, maybe the title of this post was a little exaterative, I am just patching up some jeans for a friend. But! I am getting paid $5 a pair so thats a total of $10 dollars and I am quite proud!

I have always felt weird sewing for others because I feel like the expect some extravagant dress when in reality I am still a beginner! I am still working on perfecting even the simple things! (like darts :) ) I think also since I am a beginner I am still caught up in the awesomeness of making my own clothes, so I don't want to waste time sewing for others. Selfish? I don't think so.

Do you guys sew for others? Do you like it?